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because taste is everything 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional cake or something a little different, I’m sure below you’ll find the flavour for you. If however you don’t see the exact cake you’d like, please just ask and I’ll happily make it for you!



A vanilla sponge, homemade raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream.

Simple but always a winner!


A lemon sponge, homemade lemon curd and lemon buttercream.

The right balance of zesty and sweet!

Salted Caramel

A brown sugar sponge, homemade sea salted caramel and salted caramel buttercream.

Extremely moreish!


A moist sponge packed with warming spices, sultanas and an orange buttercream.

‘A firm favourite for any occasion!’

Best paired with my delicious Cream Cheese Frosting.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet cake combines the flavours of vanilla, chocolate and buttermilk giving it a mild and slightly tangy chocolate flavor.

‘This cake isn’t just for Valentine’s Day!’

Best paired with my delicious Cream Cheese Frosting.

Coffee & Walnut

A coffee sponge laced with walnuts and a coffee buttercream.

‘A coffee cake Costa would be proud of!’



A moist chocolate sponge, milk chocolate ganache filling and chocolate fudge buttercream.

‘The classic chocolate fudge cake done how it should be!’


A moist chocolate sponge, homemade raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream.



A moist chocolate sponge, Baileys ganache filling and Baileys buttercream.

Creamy, nostalgic & delicious. You might even get tipsy off this one!

Mint Choc Chip

A moist chocolate sponge paired with a peppermint & dark chocolate chip buttercream.

Match made in heaven.


A moist chocolate sponge, chocolate orange spread filling and chocolate orange buttercream.


A moist chocolate sponge, hazelnut crème filling and chocolate hazelnut buttercream.



A moist chocolate sponge, cookies & creme spread filling and oreo buttercream.

Rich and creamy!


A moist chocolate sponge laced with coffee paired with a white chocolate & coffee buttercream.

Think Tiramisu… but in cake form!

Black Forest

A moist chocolate sponge laced with cherry liqueur, homemade cherry filling and vanilla buttercream.

My take on a retro classic!



A brown sugar sponge with both Biscoff spread and biscuits, Biscoff spread filling and Biscoff buttercream.

What did we do before Biscoff?!



A vanilla sponge with colourful sprinkles and a hint of almond, homemade raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream.

If ‘Birthday Cake’ had a flavour, this would be it.


A gingerbread sponge paired with vanilla buttercream.

‘I know Gingerbread is more of a seasonal thing but I have to offer this all year round… it’s my personal favourite!’

Cherry Bakewell

An almond sponge, homemade cherry filling and almond buttercream.

Being from Derbyshire, I just had to offer this flavour! 

Lime & White Chocolate

A lime sponge, homemade lime curd and white chocolate buttercream.

Sharp lime and sweet white chocolate make the perfect pairing.


A banana sponge, homemade sea salted caramel filling and dark chocolate buttercream.

The dark chocolate balances out the sweetness of the banana and caramel perfectly.



A pistachio sponge made with ground pistachios, homemade raspberry filling and pistachio creme buttercream.



A strawberry sponge made with real strawberries, homemade strawberry filling and strawberry buttercream.

A lovely, summery cake!


An orange sponge paired with both a mango & passionfruit filling & buttercream.

Peanut Butter

A peanut butter sponge, milk chocolate ganache filling and peanut butter buttercream.

Pina Colada

A coconut sponge laced with coconut rum liqueur, pineapple jam filling and coconut buttercream.

Sticky Toffee

A sticky toffee sponge made with dates, homemade toffee sauce filling and toffee buttercream.

Eveyones favourite pudding but as a cake!

Speak to our team of experts or take a look at our collection of cake designs.